AVANTEK WiFi Remote Control Outlet Switch Electrical Wireless Smart Plug for Lights and Home Appliances Automation with Timer and Energy Management

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Manufacturer Description

Turn just about any electrical device on and off without having to get up or even be in the house with just a simple touch of your mobile phone. No more worrying you've left the air conditioner or any other electrical devices on when you leave. Just take a glance at the application on your phone and check. Efficient and effective, the AVANTEK WiFi smart outlet once again puts the power of convenience into the palm of your hand!

Comfortable Remote Control over Hard-to-Reach Appliances

WiFi remote control socket operated through a smart phone app. Enables convenient ON/OFF function of electronic devices from almost any location and at any time. The socket supports up to 20 timing tasks and can repeat the daily ON/OFF cycle during weekdays and weekends. Ideal for multiple devices such as fans, cell phone chargers, lights and kitchen appliances. The perfect choice for timely cooking or lighting at dawn and dusk. Compatible with 2.4G routers only.

Monitors and Controls Energy Usage

Checks appliances condition anytime and anywhere, enabling you to save money and conserve energy by eliminating standby power. The WiFi remote control socket is perfect for managing power consumption and comes with the added benefit of optimizing energy usage. The power monitor in the application measures the consumption of each device plugged into the WiFi socket and displays power usage from the year before in an easy to read diagram.

Includes Everything You Need and is Universally Compatible

Featuring a broadband voltage of 110-230V with maximum power of 2300W, the socket is suitable for use almost anywhere. The application is free to download. Instructions and app are simple to use and include QR codes to keep the typing to a minimum and the setup process even easier.

Product Features

CONVENIENT-Using the existing family WiFi network, this socket switch enables comfortable remote control of hard-to-reach appliances and devices with a tap of your mobile phone; great for assisting people with limited mobility or for those who regularly have to leave home in a hurry SAVE ENERGY-Monitor and control energy usage and related costs from anywhere - diagram shows electricity consumption over the past year; saves money and conserves energy by eliminating standby power SMART-Supports setting up to 20 timing tasks and can repeat the daily ON/OFF cycle during weekdays and weekends; perfect for cooking or lighting at dawn and dusk EFFECTIVE-Single socket can be connected to multiple mobile phones with the application; application is able to connect and control multiple sockets; socket is compatible with 2.4G routers but not 5G routers PRACTICAL-Features a broadband voltage of 110-230V with maximum power of 2300W; application "smart life" is free on Google Play and "acpartner" on Apple APP Store; for Android 2.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above

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